Bush tears the roof off the Enmore

It's been a while since Bush have shared a stage let alone recorded anything close to a fully complete CD.

A large break after early success with Sixteen Stone, Bush conquered, gained a truckload of fans, appeared at awards shows, won a few, made the mid 90's theirs, then made a quiet exit stage left.

Hard to believe that last night at the Enmore, Bush had taken any time away at all. To say they made their return to slick form is an understatement.

Sure they have had some warm up time impressing the hell out of Soundwave devotees around the country but on stage that was their own in front of a near capacity Bush faithful they turned it up to full throttle and took the roof off the Enmore.

Opening with "Machine Head" was masterful, Rossdale warmed the crowd slowly and one by one he had them by "Everything Zen". The upstairs crowd did not miss their chance to mingle with Rossdale joining the crowd and security guards in-chase around the theatre was brilliance and sent the Enmore into a frenzy. The band was onstage, Rossadale was on the second tier with the crowd performing. Loved it, and so did he.

Great to see the new material getting massive recognition and love with "Sound of Winter" getting a complete Enmore singalong. "Baby Come Home" got the limbs loose and vocal chords joining in what was pure enthusiasm onstage from Traynor, Britz, Goodridge and Rossdale.

Sea Of Memories will provide a new army of fans, loaded with great rock and hooky choruses, a winner for the lads which may see the success of Sixteen Stone mirrored.

The encore performance was stand out with a solo Rossdale onstage for "Glycerine". Plenty of space for the crowd to do backing vocals, soon joined by his bandmates they cracked a out a solid finish to "Glycerine", there was more.

"Come Down" sent the Enmore into a spin with the guys cranking it and making it sound better than it did on CD all those years ago.

A sweaty appreciative crowd sent Bush offstage with a massive roar, well deserved and sure to ring in their ears for the next stage of their tour and beyond.

Bush are back and they are dangerous...see them soon.

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