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We'll get you there.


We specialize in business travel.  Whether you need to travel to another city for an overnight meeting or you are going on a 6 week tour we can plan all your travel arrangements.  We can book everything you will need for your time away from home airline reservations, transportation to and from the airport, car rentals and hotel accomodations.


I have over 15 years experience in arranging travel and accommodations for touring acts both nationally and internationally. Due to the fact that I am personally involved in the music industry, I understand the accommodations that a touring music act needs and relies on. These are needs that most travel agents will not take into consideration.

Aspects of travel that are always taken into consideration:

Although we specialize in business travel we can book your next vacation as well.  We have an extensive first hand knowledge of many of the popular destinations around the world.  Whether it is a getaway to the Tuscany Region, an adventure along the Australian Coast, an amazing weekend escape to the beaches of Florida or a Cruise to the Caribbean we can help you.  Let us help make a memory of a lifetime.

We strive to offer the best service for the touring professional. Please contact Melissa with your itinerary, requirements for hotel (what amenities you prefer), and your budget and we will do our best to meet these requirements.

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